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Volta i Volta Concept

Volta I Volta is a restaurant placed in Javea’s historical center. The cooking concepts we developed is based on the idea of ‘New tradition’, in the sense of bringing back Mediterranean traditional recipies and giving them a personal, different, and contemporary touch.

We always bet for Km 0 product, first quality products to which we give a culinary turn-around with the purpose that the customer enjoys a different experience; dishes finally arrive to the table carefully presented, although making you feel at home at the same time.

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Noves Tradicions

It’s the nature of our cuisine. We search for tipical Mediterranean recipies from what we have closer -Valencia & Alicante-, providing it with our own personality and realising an avant-guard interpretation, without missing on its traditional character.

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Mediterranean essence

Taking as a base the Mediterranean gastronomy ‘of always’, our dishes constantly have a strong Mediterranean component. However we take a step further, bringing in a different avant-guard point of view, giving our own creations diverse, exotic flavours we’ve got to known on our journey throughout the world.

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Km 0 products

Ingredients are the fundamental piece of our cuisine. This is why we select rigorously the best products available of season that our land offers us, to fill our pantry. This way we are able to offer the best gastronomic experience possible each day, always respecting and enjoying the orchards, land and seas.

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Our plates

The product is one of our principal pillars. A coastal cuisine without complex, where fresh vegetables, meat and fish adquire the most protagonism. We wink to our french and italian neighbours to take borrowed a bit of norman butter or a piece of sardinian botarga.

With this we try to interpret Mediterranean dishes in our own way using the best ingredients our lands gives us.

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100% home made

Pickels, conserves, syrups, marinades…everything you’ll try out in Volta i Volta is 100% home made. We select quality products and conserve them so every single thing that reaches your plate will have the best flavour and that differenciator point which will make you enjoy every single bite.